From the idea to the finished product

Imagination and ingenuity of our customers are our energy while working at designing new patterns.

Forming a ready product we listen carefully to customer needs and take care of every detail of produced articles,we produce unusual decorative items for our customers.

The stages of our work are presented below:

  • A good idea
  • Energetic work
  • The final success
CAD design

Our personnel are specialists in the field of CAD design. People, who we hire, are able to create both simple drawings, as well as very complex patterns,which is evidenced by our products.

Cutting metal by modern plasma cutter

Currently in our machine park there are two modern plasma cutters.

In 2015 we bought a new technologically advanced machine which cutting precision, and above all the speed of work equals and often surpasses more expensive laser cutters.

In combination with large tables with dimensions of 6000 x 2000 mm, we can significantly speed up the work, and at the same time fulfill customer orders faster.

We have the ability to cut sheet sizes up to 3000 x 1500 mm and thicknesses up to 12 mm.

Welding and other metalworking

The technological process often requires high precision from us.

Therefore, we employ qualified staff with years of experience to work with welding stations. Employees in positions of grinding, drilling, bending from the position of the manual or forging parts while they are hot come to help them.

Thanks to this way of production line prepared, we are able to satisfy numerous customers needs.

Sheet metal bending on a press brake

In the production of articles requiring high precision bending and those less complicated ones, modern press brake comes with the assistance.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products where the final result of exploitation of the press mentioned is visible.

Modern powder coating plant

Thanks to the best of our powder coating plant, we are completely independent in the production of items requiring professional coatings.

A wide range of colors gives us great flexibility in creating new collections of articles.

Furthermore an additional advantage of our own paint shop, which has already convinced many of our customers, is the speed at which the ordered goods are brought into their hands. With this solution the product produced is immediately transported to the premises of painting, where then is passed to a warehouse for packing.

Transport adjusted to customer needs

Our own transport is the basis of mobility! We use new buses for transporting goods which safely enable us to reach the goal.

An alternative for our buses are forwarding companies we work with every day. Therefore, it is the customer who decides how the goods will be delivered.

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